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Snipping Tool (free crop)

Sorry Mac user’s. I’m sure there is variation of this tool on a mac but predominately it’s a PC deal. So this one is kinda cool for all you non tech savvy’s. If your like me and you want efficiency you’ll like this one. I’m not saying it’s a better tool than a awesome web picture builder site you can up load your pictures to and crop, edit, and share. But what it is is free an a heck of a lot quicker. My buddy down at Bismarck/Mandan Detailing  showed me how to use it for some pretty strait forward snipping “cropping” . One thing I absolutely wanna point out is DON”T STEAL OTHER PEOPLES PIC’S WITH THIS!. This should only ever be used on your personal pic copy write infringements can be serious. With that said it’s awesome for your personal convenience and you probably didn’t know it’s already on your PC.

How to:

  1. Go tool your computers search bar click search all :SNIPPING TOOL
  2. snipping tool

    Snipping tool How to

  3. Let your computer pull up all relevant search terms. then click on the snipping tool icon.
  4. snipping

    snipping FREE

  5. When you open it you’ll get a little Snipping tool box click: NEW
  6. click and drag over any pic or document text you wanna take. It’s almost like a screen shot.
  7. Save to: make file and it will go to your Pictures if you want to find it because it’s a “.PNG”

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A Freebie

google spread

Alright guy’s it’s on. So i’m going to start off this web page with a awesome small business freebie. Google spreadsheets guys. If your a small business and do not yet have a spread sheet of some type. I’m here to tell you if used correctly can be a huge success to your small business.

  • Organized
  • Running tallies (this one is huge
  • Reminders
  • Tax season made easy
  • Googles is free if you have a G-mail with them

Reasons your small business needs a spreadsheet

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